Friday, December 30, 2011

When in need of Vitamin C use your toddlers on the go pouches.

We've all got the "snots" in my house and a sick Mommy, especially a breastfeeding Mommy, is one who has to suck it up and pray she doesn't get super sick. 
In order to not get super sick I am trying to up my vitamin C intake and push the fluids (ie- water, chicken noodle soup and refraining from milk for now).  I decided to make a smoothie today and in order to increase my vitamin load up I put in one of Teagan's Ella's Kitchen pouches.  The parsnips, apples and carrots pouch to be exact.  Honestly I don't know if I've ever had a parsnip in my life but if they always taste like that then bring it on!!

This is the recipe for my smoothie concoction.
half a pouch of Ella's Kitchen carrot, apple, parsnip (it's a three in one)
a forth of a cup of frozen fresh blueberries
a forth of a cup of Bolthouse Farms "Hawaiian Holiday" juice
two splashes of Almond Milk
pulse in a blender or in my case a Magic Bullet
drink & enjoy

If you'd like to try this smoothie for yourself we are giving away some Ella's Kitchen goodness on the blog! Only 3 more days to enter! The giveaway ends on January 2nd! Here are the details.